Inflatable Games

We add air & it's time to play!

Yes, it's true. These great games come in an inflatable party rental! The times we live in... We're all about having a great time!

Quality Inflatables

we always back our products and the quality of our inflatables. Trust us as your premier inflatable rental company while choosing Fisch Inflatalbes.

6'X6'X5' Throwing Game

Home run, foul, strike. Take this strike zone throwing challenge and set a new record!

Dual Basketball Hoops

You got game? Show it with this fun game of hoops – inflatable style. Game on!

Inflatable Twister

Everyone has played Twister. Well, until now. This inflatable-style game of Twister will present it’s own new challenges!

Our Reviews

Thanks for the rentals, we had a blast!

-Desiree Fernandez

I highly recommend Shawn Fischer for party event rentals!

-Bobby Jo Blake-Jackson

Mr. Fischer and his crew came out, set it up and went over the rules.

-Katina Jones Fletcher

Let's Have a Great Time

The Fisch Inflatables Way!